Breaking the Bicycle-phobia

Breaking the Bicycle-phobia

Enter the Netherlands and you see people on bikes everywhere. How important bikes are for people is clear from the bike lanes constructed everywhere. Noticing that scared me a lot because it meant the challenge to learn one has begun. Until then it was going to be me and my feet most of the time. There are buses but walking 30-40 minutes, I prefer to walk. It was however certain that sooner or later I have to be on my bike on those lanes.

Five months ago I tried to learn riding my bike. However, it was in January when I actually learned how to. But I was not confident enough to get out on the road for a few weeks. I still had to learn many things like stop pedaling in between; pressing breaks especially while riding down any steep road; making turns. After riding every now and then along with my partner, I have been able to control these riding tricks and lessons.

Bicycling on the bicycle lanes, it is what motivated me to learn riding a bike. Eventually I am getting comfortable to an extent that I missed it when I was back in Nepal. Now I have ‘miles to go before I sleep’.

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