Something that I learned quite later in my 20’s

Something that I learned quite later in my 20’s

In our school curriculum I learned about the history of Nepal. The regimes, the era and finally the great unification of Nepal by King Prithvi Narayan Shah. Then the Shah generations. Learning dates, learning major aspects of different regimes was challenging yet astonishing at the same time. Many histories have been made ever since and new curricula had been made accordingly.

Eventually world history entered my life. It sounded more complex than Nepali history as the world I was getting to know was strange to me. It was because of the Hollywood movies like ‘The Help’ that eased in understanding it. Still, it was recorded stories of people thousand miles away.
But ‘Holocaust’ buried its mark gravely in my mind. Specially when I read stories, essays revolving around Holocaust and the name ‘Hitler’ staring with piercing eyes, I often started talking to my nephew and niece about this history. When I read the ‘Anne Frank Diary’ after getting triggered by the movie’Freedom Writers Diary’, it engraved more.

Now that I am in the Netherlands, I wanted to grab that opportunity to learn from close; visit ‘Anne Frank museum’ located in Amsterdam. Before I went to the museum, I had claustrophobic feeling. But once I was inside I had chill in some way trying to relive the life of people who hid there from the Nazi’s. Memories were being made there even at desperate times that came as stories for others to realize it.

I couldn’t resist getting a graphic novel on Anne Frank Diary. I even took it with me to Nepal and suggested my father, an intellectual bookworm, that  it is a must read. When I saw he finished reading the book, his eyes were filled with water and his words were, “The best one I have read so far.”

For those who want a glimpse into Anne Frank and WWII, here is a link to shed a light upon it:

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