I realized I have a new family

I realized I have a new family

Last year when my traditional marriage date got confirmed for December 11, I thought I should go back to my country at least two-three months in advance. I discussed with my partner and we decided I leave on 27th of August. Spend summer holidays with him and still make time for my nephew’s rice weaning ceremony in Nepal. Once all this was fixed, I informed my GiT family about my return to my country. And suddenly one of the spouses comes up with the idea of a Bachelorette party.

I had no idea at all how such parties take place and I also had no clue if anything as such can take place for me as everybody had plans to go somewhere during the summer holidays. I was at least very pleased just with the thought of how much people think about one another. Yet on 13th July, I walk into a surprise party and I couldn’t stop my tears first and then the smile by the love they all showered upon me. This one event pierced deep inside me that I came to realize how lucky I am to have found such an amazing new family, Carola being the guardian of it. ?

However, this feeling of togetherness as a family emerged out clearly when I was in Nepal. I was happy to be home with my family. I thought now I can eat or see or do what I missed during my stay in Eindhoven. To my surprise, I had no desire as such. My mother made sure to fill the void of food from the very first day of my arrival. However, all I cared was the time I could spend with them and help them prepare for my wedding. But somewhere, I was finding hard not to miss Eindhoven.

I sensed that I have grown accustomed with my GiT family. But I didn’t think I would miss my family in Eindhoven so badly that I have to get distracted by keeping myself busy. The first night was sort of suffocating, to my surprise. First day of my four months stay. With time things got easier and better. But I couldn’t wait to be back to Eindhoven and join my family.

I wished I could have my two families together. Albeit I miss my parents, I am a happy spouse who is living with her best friend turned husband and my new family ‘GiT’. And this family is growing out many branches, leaves and flowers.

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