A creative day @Vriendinnen Netwerk

A creative day @Vriendinnen Netwerk

I crochet in my leisure time and volunteering at Eindhoven-Kobane grabbed my attention. Upon having an opportunity to learn more about it, I meet Constance at Barrierweg 180 on 5th February, Monday. While I wait for Constance, the first thing I notice is a big compound with a basketball court that project to be a playground. Under the warm sun, I wait for Constance and wonder if I should buzz myself in or not.

Then after few minutes, I meet a lady on a bike who recognizes me and introduces herself as Constance. We enter the building and then to a room where an elderly lady is sitting on a chair busy knitting. We don’t disturb her. Constance introduces me to Ghita, who, I later come to know, is one of the ladies that started Vriendinnen Netwerk. Eventually I meet four Syrian ladies and a baby and three Dutch ladies. My first day with them and I engage myself enjoying the ambience. Some knitting, some crocheting, some making greeting cards and some having friendly communication with one another.

Constance and Ghita speak in English with Dutch in between. Makes me easier. But when it comes to knowing other people, I wished I knew Dutch a little more than I do now. Yet we communicate with one another in gestures and I would say some Dutch words now and then. One can see it isn’t just about knitting or crocheting. It is a place with open hearts to women who want to meet people, practice their Dutch, and spend some quality time. A place where creativity comes out in different forms.



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