Earthquake Survivor Stories: Suntali Puri

Earthquake Survivor Stories: Suntali Puri

Name: Suntali Puri

Age: 80 years old

Place: Sindhupalchowk

Family members: She has sons and daughter-in-laws but has been living separately for years. No one comes to visit her. She has her field where people work, earn from it and she earns too. Half she gets and half the people working there gets.

“I was alone on 12th. I got buried underneath. After a while only I was taken out and found that I was hit hard on my leg. If I was there for any longer, I would have died. I was kept in a tarp the whole day. Later two people from my village and two from Bhulbhule village, downward to our village, helped me come here in a bus from Chautara on the very day. I had nothing with me.”

Once discharged I will go back to my village. How are things there I don’t know much now. But I know that people have died. One family lost five members that day. Another lost three. Other lost two. Another a little down lost seven. Things are not good there, but it is my village and I would like to be among my people.”

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