Earthquake Survivor Stories: Sita Thapa

Earthquake Survivor Stories: Sita Thapa

Name: Sita Thapa

Age: 31

Place: Sindhupalchowk

Total family members: father-in-law, husband, Sita, and her four daughters (only two of them lives with her 12 and 2 yrs old)

Contact number: Bhawani Thapa 4451105

“On the 12th, I was buried underneath my house while trying to escape. My father-in-law, my youngest daughter and I were at home. My eldest daughter had gone out to cut grass. My husband lives in Kathmandu. People took us out after hrs. I was shouting, and they heard us. My daughter and I got hurt. My left leg and my daughter’s right leg were injured. She has returned home. She can walk now.

I was brought here after around 2 weeks. Villagers kept me on a tin roof. I slept there. Had no home to go home. My niece called me and brought me later on as I needed operation. My husband also came. Till then my daughter used to cook food for us. Since I have been here my husband has not contacted me. My husband left me for another woman. He does not look after us. I have been doing labor work and have been taking care of my family for four years. My father in law is too old and not well. He cannot see and thus cannot walk well.”

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