Earthquake Survivor Stories: Sarita Tamang

Earthquake Survivor Stories: Sarita Tamang

Name: Sarita Tamang

Age: 9 years

Place: Maneswara VDC, ward no. 4, Sindhupalchowk

Total family members: grandmother, father, brother, sister,

At the hospital: Brother-in-law: Padam Bahadur Tamang.

“She was with her mother. It was Saturday, so both of them went to the goth. It was very hot, so they wanted to have stay under shade. There was the earthquake and both of them were buried. Her mother left the world right there. The villagers were looking for people and the girl was shouting. Her sister carried her from that day to reach the hospital as there was no transportation. I wasn’t there actually. I was at Thimi. That day they stopped in Khadichaur. On 14th finally they reached here.”

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