Earthquake Survivor Stories: Sabita Danuwar

Earthquake Survivor Stories: Sabita Danuwar

Patient: Sabita Danuwar

Age: 29

Place: Melamchi, Sindhupalchowk

Total family members: 3 (Mother, a younger sister, and herself)

Relative: Her sister

“On 12th Baisakh, 2072 I was buried by the fallen house for 2 hours. Villagers found about me and took me out of the rubble. Everyone was inside the house during the quake including one of my relative brother. We all were buried but only I got injured. I was hit by wall. I was brought here on 13th Baisakh. I went under operation of my right foot. Around 22-23rd Baisakh I was sent back home. There were so many patients so probably they missed one more fracture in my leg. Foreign doctors came to our village and checked me as well. An X-Ray was taken in Tudikhel and found that I had another fracture. Again, I came here on 1st Jestha.

I used to sew clothes. Now everything is gone. I have not studied much. I wanted to but no one was there to help me study. It has been 5 years that my father died. My mother and I have been working to take care of our family. We had a shop. I wish I can continue sewing.”

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