Earthquake Survivor Stories: Parvati Timilsina

Earthquake Survivor Stories: Parvati Timilsina

Name: Parvati Timilsina

Age: 38

Place: Ramche, Sindhupalchowk

Total family members: in-laws (71 & 68), brother-in-law, husband, herself, and her two children (1 son and 1 daughter)

Main occupation: a little farming, horticulture. Her husband recently started working in the project which has been cancelled for six months after the quake.

Relative: Bhupendra Timilsina (Husband)/ 43 yrs old


“It was on 12th when I was preparing grass for the goats. There were two houses, one main house and the other, where, on the ground floor the animals were kept, and above people could stay. I was in the second one when the quake came, and it collapsed burying me underneath. I was hit on my head and leg. I shouted, “Help me, help me”. After 1 and half hour I was rescued by the villagers. They saw my hair.

My husband was away in a project in Sindhupalchowk. There were my in-laws and two children back home. My daughter was watching TV in the main home upstairs, in a mud house we call it ‘buigal’. She was upstairs so nothing happened to her. Later on, she came shouting out of the house herself after I was saved. The other house was a little weaker one, so the upper floor fell on me and I got hurt. Other than that, my children are safe.”

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