Earthquake Survivor Stories: Manoj Gurung

Earthquake Survivor Stories: Manoj Gurung

Name: Manoj Gurung

Age: 20 yrs old

Place: Kavrepalanchowk

Total family members: grandmother, father, mother, manoj and brother.

Contact number: Saroj Gurung (Sere)- 9813060903

“I left studying after class 8. I started working after that. Me and my mother were at home on 12th Baisakh. My father was out in the farm/ goth. My mother was going to call my father for lunch. Earthquake came and I was hit by the roof. My mother was also about to get hurt while saving me. Later father came and rescued me after much effort. After an hour I was taken out.

I was brought here on the 23rd. Till then I stayed out in a tarp. There was no transportation as the road was blocked. Later an ambulance came and brought us here. It was very painful. I could not move, could not rest on any side. Touching was also painful. The house is gone but the field and animals are fine. We have means to survive back home.

I had a job in Kathmandu. I used to repair machines, I was a mechanic. I learned for five years. I used to stay there in Kathmandu usually. Only in vacation I used to come back. After I get better, I will go back and work. I will have two helpers so it won’t be that difficult.”


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