Earthquake Survivor Stories: Mana Maya Khadka

Earthquake Survivor Stories: Mana Maya Khadka

Name: Mana Maya Khadka

Age: 81

Place: Sindhupalchowk

Total family members: 5 sons, 6 daughter-in-laws; one son has two wives; two daughters both married

Major occupation: agriculture, farming, herding

At the hospital: Granddaughter Swasthani Raut (9849006651) from eldest daughter, I ran away from home to avoid studying. Now she sells vegetables in Kalimati bazar.

“As I heard, she was about to go and cut grass when her brother-in-law came in the shop. She was giving him goods and then the earthquake came. Then the house fell down upon her. She had a small shop to get rid of boredom. People would come to shop and she would have someone to talk to. She was alone by then.”

She was completely buried. She was shouting “I am here. I am here.” And people heard her voice. Maternal uncle came searching for her right away and she was found quickly. She was hurt in her right hand and leg. Everyone’s house got destroyed by the quake. Luckily no one was hurt. Only she was hurt.

Present condition: her children are continuing their works in the farm and jungles as the land is fine to work on. For food it is all that they get from relief as nothing is left to have from their houses.

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