Earthquake Survivor Stories: Kendra Maya Nepal

Earthquake Survivor Stories: Kendra Maya Nepal

Name: Kendra Maya Nepal

Age: 25

Place: Sindhupalchowk

Total family members: Mother, Kendra Maya, brother

Occupation: farming

At hospital: brother

“That day me and my father got trapped under the house rubbles. I lost my father in that earthquake. As for me, my left leg was fractured. I was taken out by village brothers that day. Since there were no one to bring me here I was brought here on the fifth day. They carried me for 9 hours and we finally reached here.

My house was two storied but not a plastered one. We all were at home. My right leg already does not move because of polio. Now I got hit on my left leg. I used to walk with the support of the left leg, but now it’s even more difficult. I also broke my back that day. It would have been better if I had died than to live in this condition. Everything feels like a dream.”

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