Earthquake Survivor Stories: Kanchi Maya Lama

Earthquake Survivor Stories: Kanchi Maya Lama

Kanchi Maya Lama

Age- 46

Chautara, Sindhupalchowk

Total family members: Kanchi Maya Lama, three sons, and a daughter

Occupation: farming

At hospital: daughter (Pasang Lama (20) studying in 11)

“It was on 12th of Baisakh. Baba (father), Aama (mother) and I, all were inside the house. We had three doors in our house. Baba was nearby one door, I was in the middle near the balcony, and Aama was next to another door. The balcony fell down but nothing happened to me. However, Baba and Aama were buried underneath. We called their names and they replied. They were dug out almost after an hour.

We paid 4000 rupees for a taxi and brought both of them to the hospital on 13th. On 14th baba died. My mother was not only covered by the rubbles but her hand got on the chulho. The fire was on as we were cooking food while the earthquake happened.”- Pasang

“My both hands got burned. Right hand was severely damaged which is why it has been amputated. Left one is not so severe but is still paining with those burns. I am told to try to move my fingers, try to fold them. It is very hard. It pains a lot.”- Kanchi Maya Lama

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