Earthquake Survivor Stories: Kali Thami

Earthquake Survivor Stories: Kali Thami

Name: Kali Thami

Age: 72

Place: Chokati VDC, Sindhupalchowk

Total family members: Kali Thami and her husband living alone since years

Occupation: farming

At the hospital: youngest daughter Juna Thami and grandson Gopal Thami

“Since years grandfather and grandmother have been living separately. On 12th after the earthquake came they tried to run out of the house. Grandfather succeeded in coming out but grandmother was trapped underneath the stone roof. Grandfather was trying to pull her out but old enough he was unable to pull her out. I went running to them and like a kid I took her out. Since the road was blocked, damaged, we could not bring her to the hospital the same day. On 19th we brought her here. We brought her on stretcher till Barhabise and then in ambulance. She has fractures on her right leg.”-  Gopal

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