Earthquake Survivor Stories: Bishnu Maya Nepali

Earthquake Survivor Stories: Bishnu Maya Nepali

Name: Bishnu Maya Nepali


Place: Sindhupalchowk

Total family members: 9 (Bishnu Maya Nepali, her husband’ second wife, two sons, two daughter-in-laws, 3 grandchildren)

At hospital: Granddaughter (Manisha Nepali -class 7)

Occupation: farming, agriculture; Manisha’s father works in construction and sewing clothes


“Most of the women (grandmothers, mother, and aunt) were inside sewing clothes or doing household chores. We kids were also inside with my uncle. I carried my brother and ran out. My uncle also got out. But the house fell upon the rest. My mother has a little injury by the side of the eye. My other grandmother was also injured but was not that severe. Both of them are fine now. But my grandmother (Bishnu Maya Nepali) got fracture on her leg. My grandmother was screaming to take her leg out. We came here after 4 days I think. That day I lost my aunt and my sister.”- Manisha (since her grandmother cannot speak)

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