Earthquake Survivor Stories: Bholanath Dhakal

Earthquake Survivor Stories: Bholanath Dhakal

Name: Bholanath Dhakal

Age: 70

Place: Tirpur, Kavre

Total Family members: 8 (Bholnath, his wife, two sons (both married), a daughter, and a grandson)

At hospital: Jaya Ram Dhakal (youngest son) 9841842682

Occupation: farming, agriculture

“On 12th Baisakh, my father was at a neighbor’s house. He and the neighbor uncle were chatting in Pidhi, balcony. I usually live in Kathmandu and so do the neighbor’s sons. The neighbor’s wife was upstairs. Then while running at the time of earthquake he got hit by stone and was injured; he was brought on 13th by my elder brother”, said the youngest son.

“Back home, that day my eldest son was inside the house whereas everyone else was out in the field; when the house started shaking my son came outside; everyone survived. It’s only me who got hurt; the house overturned and the stone from the walls hit me on my left leg.”- Bholanath Dhakal

“There is no house left standing; every house got destroyed; but in case of human casualties, as most of them were outside, there were not many human casualties. It’s the time when usually people get into the fields. By 12, mostly people are out after having their lunch.”- Bholanath Dhakal

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