Earthquake Survivor Stories: Bhawani Bika

Earthquake Survivor Stories: Bhawani Bika

Name: Bhawani Bika

Age: 23

Place: Lamsang, Sindhupalchowk

Total family members: 5 (Father-in-law, husband, Bhawani, 4 yrs old son and 4 mths old daughter)

Occupation: farming, agriculture

“That day (12th Baisakh) I just got back after cutting grass. No sooner I got upstairs earthquake came, the house collapsed and fell over us. We were 4 inside the house. My father-in-law, me and my two children. My right leg fractured and my son’s right hand.

For five days the pain was unbearable. Finally, on 16th we came here by ambulance. My son got plaster on that day. I also went through necessary treatment. Now I am getting better but still it pains. My husband was here with me but now he is back to village to shift things to Panauti. So, my mother has been staying with us till he comes.”

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