Earthquake Survivor Stories: Baneet Bharati

Earthquake Survivor Stories: Baneet Bharati

Name: Baneet Bharati

Age: 11

Place: Kunchuk VDC, Sindhupalchowk

Total family members: 3 (father, mother, and Baneet)

At hospital: Baburam Bharati (father)- 9808209722

Occupation: utensil seller, farming

“I was sleeping inside and my mother was doing her chores when earthquake shook and destroyed our house on 12th Baisakh. I got trapped underneath my collapsed house. My whole body had blue patches. As I was able to stand after I was taken out, doctors in Chautara and everybody else thought I was fine. But the next day father brought me here in an ambulance. We paid 4000 for that. Road was filled with dead bodies.”

“He has injuries on his leg, back and urinary bladder. He cannot urinate so this pipe helps him urinate. Doctors say that his nerves are tightened. It’s very hard for him at night. During daytime it is as if nothing is wrong with him,” says the father.

I dream of being buried by earthquake. I get scared at night.- Baneet


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