Where Michael Jackson fans relive their memories

Where Michael Jackson fans relive their memories

IMG_7951During our free tour in Budapest, we came across a tree in the middle of the pavement filled with Michael Jackson’s pictures. There were burnt out candles and fresh flowers. The sight was so intriguing that we couldn’t say a thing but ask what it was all about. What was to unveil in front of us was unexpected.

As per our energetic, informative, and interesting guide Dea whenever Michael Jackson visited Budapest he stayed in the hotel in front of the tree. Fans said that they could see him when he came to the window. He used to wave at them. After he passed away fans started burning candle under the tree. Posters were pasted. Flowers were offered. But the government did not approve of it. Such acts were said to ruin the place. But nothing could stop the fans and eventually it became the spot for MJ fans.

A Michael Jackson memorial tree enriched with his fans’ memories.

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