Apple and my long hours travel

Apple and my long hours travel

My first night in the Netherlands and I was already en route to Berlin.

Midnight bus from Eindhoven to Berlin, in a cold, chilly winter night.

I was planning to skip eating anything and just sleep in the bus throughout the long nine hours travel.

‘He’ however had things prepared for the morning hunger.

We had some croissant and apples ready. Well I preferred to carry few apples along.

And I believe it was the right choice made.

Wake up after hours of sleep. Bite an apple and feel refreshing.

All other travels receding after that,

Berlin, Germany;

Zurich, Switzerland;

Paris, France;

Brussels, Belgium;

Budapest, Hungary,

I ┬ádon’t miss to carry few apples.


As is the saying “An apple a day keeps a doctor away.”

For me, ‘an apple during travels keeps nausea and bad-breath in the morning away.’










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