GIT visit to NATLAB and Evoluon

GIT visit to NATLAB and Evoluon

On March 2 Thursday, we had our GIT meetup. This time Carola organized a short tour of NATLAB located in Strijp S and Evoluon in North Brabantlaan. First NATLAB and then Evoluon. So at 1:30 we gathered around the entrance of NATLAB. We just talked with one another; seized the moment to share things like information on Spouse Sports Program. Then I saw two new faces. Two wonderful new members: Ririn and Fitri. Both of them were from Indonesia. From the beginning everyone was talking and sharing with one another.

We toured around Natlab and got information about it. From its history to the restaurant to package for movie tickets and mostly its architecture, everything thrilled us. Then since a few were on foot and Evoluon was closeby, most of us walked and a few biked. It was around a few minutes after two and it had started raining. I took refuge under one of our friends’ umbrella till we reached Evoluon. We didn’t realize we were pacing so fast that when we turned back to see for others, they were far behind. All because of rain. However, it didn’t ruin our tour inside Evoluon. It was kind of Carola and the personnel from Evoluon who gave us tour to the top. The saucerous building of Eindhoven increased our adrenaline as we ascended. The 2D rooftop was 3 D by the end and it was marvelous. Most of us were busy taking picture of the place and every now and then selfie and wefie dropped in. And yes, we all were busy admiring the place and were surprised how someone could create something back in 1966. When everyone shared their thoughts by the end, satisfaction and gratitude poured out.

I at least ended up with utter satisfaction and the sense of strong friendship not only with the old ones but the new ones as well. I was having fun a lot.

More information on:

  1. NATLAB: Soon after its foundation, physician and researcher Gilles Holst was appointed director and under his supervision created an academic atmosphere at Philips Natlab. In order for the laboratory to grow sustainably as experimental research facility, Holst invited scientists from all over the world. Amongst others Albert Einstein, who traveled to Eindhoven as a guest-lecturer in 1923. Natlab’s philosophy had soon become unified to Einsteins thinking, summed up in his quote: 
”Everything that is really great and inspiring is created by the individual who can labor in freedom”. 
This vision transcended to all of Natlab’s research departments, quoting Kees Immink, one of the scientists employed by Natlab at the time:
”We were able to conduct whatever research we found relevant, and had no pre-determined tasks; instead, we received full freedom and support of autonomous research. We went to work, not knowing that we would do that day. This view – or rather ambiguous view – on how research should be conducted, led to amazing inventions as a result. It was an innovation heaven”. (
  2. Evoluon Eindhoven: Hosting inspirationThe Evoluon is the iconic and welcoming environment where entrepreneurs meet and build their success. Our mission is the optimum facilitation of inspiring and meetings. Together we make every meeting, event, conference or trade show a success.

    The Evoluon is a landmark, an icon of Eindhoven. The striking figurehead par excellence with an innovative and ambitious Brainport region. But not only the exterior is remarkable. The years of experience of our professional team ensure that we have the highest possible rating.

    Our policy is the customer. His or her satisfaction is paramount. If the customer is satisfied for the full 100%, we have done our job. A deal is a deal. We are working to solve problems. But more frequently occurring problem.

    The Evoluon is a learning organization. We constantly look at how we operate. How we do it. Not we ourselves give us the score, that we hear from our customers. The characteristic feature of a learning organization is that it constantly and automatically adapts to the changing environment.

    If we find a better way, we leave our old habits omitted. We work together on this, each from his or her own specialty. Only in this way we can exceed the expectations of our customers. Day in day out. In accordance with clear procedures and based on our experience and creativity. Learn and unlearn. Only then can we achieve our ambitious slogan:

    “Evoluon gives you room!”

    This way of working requires a management style that is characterized by freedom, trust, support and guidance. So we can work as a team. Teamwork produces one big winner. You as a customer!

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