Static electricity

Static electricity

There used to be times when I used to feel a sudden shock when I touch someone. “Oh, kasto current lagyo.” (Oh, what a current shock!) In fact, it was not a case with me only. One form of static current, the most visible was in winter when we can hear and see static shock because of woolen accessories. We could see our hairs rising up when we take off our woolen caps. We can also hear the chirrrrr sound when we take out our woolen sweater. But other than that static did not exist often. However, coming to the Netherlands things have changed.

Three months ago we came to the Netherlands. A small city or call it Philips city, Eindhoven is our new home. And in this new place we came across static shock for the first time. Turned the tap on and I shouted ‘Ahh’ and removed my hand right away. At first we thought it is like a rare chance that could have happened in our mother land not knowing that more is on its way. It has been three months and we have been shocked a lot of times. Mostly inside our home and sometimes outside. Yet, specially while turning the tap on and touching the kitchen sink is alarming with static.

However, we will never get used to it. We are never prepared for static shock which is why we always tend to yell ‘Ahh.’ It was a few days back that I felt an extreme of the shock. I felt the room was not warm enough and so I went towards the thermostat to change the temperature. Suddenly I received the shock and it was scary. It was so scary that I realized the device had restarted. For a few minutes I was out of my wits. Shocked, I sat on my chair and texted my husband who was at the university at that moment. He was also puzzled when he heard the device had restarted. He felt it was too strong. But he asked me to stay calm and see if the temperature changes or not. Well, after a while everything was normal.

Funny incidence. We went to meet our family doctor for the first time. She came and shook hand with my husband. Then when she shook hand with me. Wow! The shock. She apologized for the static shock we both felt when the fault was not her or mine. It just appears suddenly.

Phew, that was quite an experience. But then again, don’t know what is in store in the future. It always gets you even when you know what might happen. At times you can feel it running inside you just by touching the jacket of someone else. Strange it is but present around us every now and then. I expressed my curiosity to my husband about how the children react to this. Sitting inside the library, now I am thinking I should ask a few new friends who have children. I wonder what their reaction would be! 🙂


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