The Miniature World in Den Haag (The Hague)

The Miniature World in Den Haag (The Hague)

It was going to be cold, windy and a slight chances of rain. Yet my husband and I traveled to Den Haag to visit Madurodam, a miniature version of the Netherlands. I knew it would be an amazing journey within that world. My husband had already been there and he had enjoyed the fun activities. Some were free and some required a coin to activate. Since he had a wonderful experience he felt I shouldn’t miss that opportunity. So despite the challenging weather, Madurodam was going to be my new exploration.

We had planned to reach Madurodam around 12:00. But unfortunately we missed our first bus to the Eindhoven Central Station. The bus had arrived two minutes earlier than scheduled and must have missed by a few seconds. The schedule changed. We took the first available train: Eindhoven- Breda- Rotterdam- Den Haag. We couldn’t understand what the driver was announcing in Dutch but our train stopped for a few minutes and seemed to slow down now and then. By the time we reached Madurodam, it was 13:32. So the actual exploration began from 13:40.

For almost two hours I was mesmerized by the tiny and a few big architectural models. Small things are always beautiful and the architectures were already so thrilling that the joy was doubled. It was eye-soothing, thrilling for both children and adults that we could see everyone having fun with different activities. Albeit the planned travel we forgot that we will be needing some 10 cents to have all the fun. Except one or two we were at least able to enjoy because of other visitors. What my husband missed was taking a 3D miniature you. We felt 45 euro was a little more expensive for us now. He definitely will make sure though that in future he will have one of that. Satiated we came out around 15:32 and selected McDonald’s to ease our hunger.

Madurodam: just a park or more than that?

Madurodam was established in 1952 as a war memorial to war hero and resistance fighter George Maduro. He died at the Dachau concentration camp on February 9, 1945. The parents of George Maduro provided the initial capital for Madurodam.

Not just a memorial establishment. Madurodam was founded to support charities. Up to 1964, all proceeds were donated to the Netherlands Studenten Sanatorium (Dutch Students Sanatorium) in Laren. This enabled students suffering from Tuberculosis to continue with their study while they were recovering. Today, Madurodam annually donates its proceeds- 600,000 to 1 million Euros- to charities active in the Netherlands for children. Madurodam’s charity policy focuses on discovering and developing talent in children of primary school age. Princess Beatrix was the first mayor of Madurodam.

Madurodam is not just a visual representation of the Netherlands. It holds the essence behind what makes this small country great. The park is based on true Dutch stories that are related through miniatures, which are 25 times smaller and enlarged objects, which are 25 times bigger than their real life counterparts.

The park comprises of 83 modular segments rich in greenery, especially small leaf trees and shrubs which are a maximum height of 60 centimeters through daily intensive care. There are countless activities that allow to step into the shoes of a lock operator, dike guard, pilot or machinist, to name but a few. The Madurodammers, the little inhabitants of Madurodam, come to life via video screens and you discover the stories behind the objects.

The City Center area shows how the Netherlands evolved from the former cities into the country it is today: distinctive, free and unique. The traces of these developments are still visible in the buildings, squares and streets, each with their own story to tell.

In the Water World you can discover how the Netherlands deals with water as both a friend and a foe. You can also experience the hustle and bustle of the port of Rotterdam or check out the workings of a watermill. You can even operate the locks of the Oosterschelder barrier. Innovation Island shows the international success of the Netherlands’ entrepreneurial spirit and innovative character. You can witness how this country excels in architecture, logistics, entertainment, sports and design.

The two indoor experiences, The Court of the Netherlands and Orange Mania add the finishing touch to the story of the Netherlands. More to that, children can enjoy two playgrounds. And to make an everlasting memory of the visit, Fantasitron stands round and big to make a 3D copy of yourself.

There is a new addition to Madurodam: “George’s Story’

Fun to Do:

  1. “Het Hof van Nederland” (Madurodam begins where the Netherlands started)
  2. Kaaswaag (How many cheeses can you weigh? (I weighed 2 and a half and my husband weighed 4)
  3. Heroes gallery (Painting & painter wanted)
  4. VOC Snakes and Ladders game (A sea voyage full of danger!)
  5. 1:25 Photo shoot! (Greetings from Madurodam!)
  6. Plane spotting (See them fly or land)
  7. Learn to fly (With both feet on the ground)
  8. Train driver (A different view on the rails)
  9. Rotating table (Make your own DJ mix!)
  10. Fantasitron (Make your own 3D scan)
  11. Waterway (Navigate your ship along locks and windmills)
  12. Fire boat (Fire! Help extinguish it at the port)
  13. Loading containers (Loading without sinking)
  14. Oostenscheldekering (Save half of the Netherlands from flooding!)
  15. NAP (Find out which Dutch cities will be hit by floods.)
  16. Create your own Maasvlakte (Turn sea into land.)
  17. Wind turbines (How much energy can you generate?)
  18. The Hansje Brinker game (Stop the water.)
  19. Auction clock game (Flowers, a fabulous load.)
  20. Flower greetings (Send some flowers from Madurodam.)
  21. Theatre (Create your own light show.)
  22. Panorama flight (Fly above the Netherlands!)
  23. Zo Groot is Oranje (1988: the begin of the orange mania.)

XL Objects:

  1. The XL football
  2. The XL tulips
  3. The XL clogs

In addition to the main attractions:

  1. Information
  2. Reception
  3. Panorama Cafe
  4. Restaurant: Taste of Holland
  5. Shop
  6. Toilets
  7. Disabled toilets
  8. Baby change
  9. Wheelchairs
  10. Stroller
  11. First Aid
  12. Nijntje playground: to 6 years
  13. Playground de Waddenzee: from 6 years (Playground the Wadden sea)
  14. Activation pillar (scancard)

(Note: With added information from the “Information Booklet” provided at Madurodam)


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