Expats in the Bibliotheek

Expats in the Bibliotheek

This time on 2nd February the Expat Center planned for an interesting evening (19:00-21:00) for expats. An evening at the Bibliotheek comprising of pop quiz, tour of the library and brain storming over what we liked about the library and our dream library.

As we entered inside the library we were given different colored cards. There were four different tables based on four different colors: yellow, green, blue and red. We were in the yellow team and surprisingly it happened to be the group of newest expats in the Netherlands. So it seemed we were the ones who knew quite a little about the place. We didn’t know what to prepare but the preparation on Bibliothek proved to be fruitful. I realized I should have prepared more. We stood fourth as the results came out. But we were the only one to answer when the Bibliothek was established in: 1916 which surprised the organizers. We all had a great time and I must say  couldn’t have been more interesting in absence of our quiz master Oliver Philip Myers.

Our quiz master was our tour guide and with all his humorous, funny and friendly nature the guided tour was quite informative and interesting. In the company of Oliver you have no place for gloomy ambience. So you can imagine how my evening went. During the tour I came to know about some of their programs like Reading Aloud. I remember this very well because before coming here I was working in a project which had Read Aloud as one of its program. I conducted Read Aloud session twice and the students enjoyed it a lot. In return I enjoyed more.

I look forward to being a  member of the library and the first thing I will be doing is read children’s story books in Dutch. The best thing to do when you are leaning any new language. I would also love to attend the Reading Aloud sessions. It will be in Dutch but I think I will find it equally enjoyable. The most important  I got to know a couple of people and by the end Riko and I became friends.

Photos extracted from Holland Expat Center Facebook Page.

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