She was punished by the law after being raped.

She was punished by the law after being raped.

It was the case of a Norwegian girl who on reporting to be raped in fact got arrested. Deborah Marte Dalelv, 24 year old girl, was raped in Dubai. But when she reported to the Dubai police, the case seemed to backfire. She was rather detained and charged with having unlawful sex, making a false statement and illegal consumption of alcohol. An interior designer travelling on work purpose to Dubai was then sentenced for 16 months imprisonment. The accused was arrested and charged. But that is not the matter of much concern to me.

Yes, in any a case both the parties are to be scrutnized properly and find the guilt and the guilty of crime. However, yes having unlawful sex is out of the line in many nations and Dubai is also one of them.That is in its way not a wrong thing. But to punish someone who has been the victim is something that really does not sound lawful. It was not simply a case of unlawful sex but a case of rape and that depicts that there has been force not will. And for that no law can punish the victim.

Glad that Delelv was released, pardoned before anything worse did happen. Where she was already victimized, Dubai law’s punishment might have been a blow to her which she definitely had not thought to be as a response. It is probable that she will not be forgetting this incident any soon.But she had a positive ending and seems that she will be returning back home soon.

(Source: CNNNEWS)

Violence against women is a worldwide issue. And these are most prevalent in Middle-East and Asian countries we can say. So many cases are shown in television that took place in India which we can sense never has Nepal been sound from such cases as well. These are yes happening in many places but no matter what people whether from any organization or not should step forward to stop it with they can. Witness it and still do nothing: that would be lot more worse. So don’t wait looking for right moment because right moment might mean being the victim and that is, oops, not what one would dream. 

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