Incredibly intellectually-filled book by Randy Pausch with Jeffrey Zaslow, The Last Lecture has so well combined humor, intelligence that seems so brilliant and more over the inspiration that is there in every now and then in his words. To have something as a last lecture has brought something out of him all those said and unsaid words about his life that every soul gets touched by it. Even while I was going through the section where he was allowed to wall painting, I recalled those reactions on my parents countenances when they saw those palm paintings on my corner wall of the room. Well, it is surely a necessity for parents know that letting their children decide whats good for them and what brings the best out of them will not make them stray away but will let them realize and find the true self.

Anyways, life as it is a gospel is unpredictable and death is invincible. Yet the way of living that has been depicted, that has been staged out is and will always be a be-on-the-move book. Having such a work in one’s shelve makes you stop and realize what your dream is. Optimism is another factor that it succeeds in bringing in life: Think the worst that can happen or importantly get prepared for what can happen.

Once again reading The Last Lecture was a richly going through.

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