Visit MELA, Be a Part of IT

Visit MELA, Be a Part of IT

Few stairs up, there you are at the door of MELA welcomed by the familiar faces of Indian celebrities. A big wheel on the walls and row of matkas is just a start of the beautiful ambience that you are to see. Further when you enter inside, the Mughal Portraits and colourful bangles hung on the walls seem so lovely. And then give a glance at the ceiling. Under the sky depicting ceiling you feel like you really are under natural sky. Perfect arrangement of sitting seems very comfy as well. What’s all this about then?

Keeping no more veils over MELA, MELA is a restaurant and bar for authentic and fine Mughal dining. Launched among the heart of Nepali culture and tradition, Mr. Pramod Kumar Jaiswal has placed the Mughalai taste perfectly. As quoted by him, his desire to bring the Mughalai dishes in Nepal was accomplished with the launching of his new restaurant and bar. Perhaps the launching would have been by the name Mughalai itself but his mind gave it even a better turn and named it MELA.

The varieties of dishes like kabab, biryani, and many other North-Indian foods are the identity of MELA. But not only are the foods attractive, the interior of MELA as mentioned earlier is no less impressive. To create a festive ambience like that of traditional ‘mela’ that was typical at early days, there stands MELA. Many Nepali decors like panas, sukunda are also there. Thus, a perfect blend of Nepali and Indian culture can be seen at MELA.

Involved in this business since 22 long years, Mr. Jaiswal so well said that ‘in business every single thing matters’. His this belief is reflected in every aspect of MELA whether it be the foods or the hygiene. Especially for the Mughalai items Muslim chefs are there so as to give the real taste. Besides, Nepalese hands are also part of MELA. From every nook MELA is a beauty. Mr. Jaiswal was quite glad to say about the ample space for parking that eliminates the parking problems. As per him, MELA is there so that every people can enjoy the Mughalai taste.

Moreover, everyday there is Karaoke live music for the entertainment of the guests. Ergo, MELA provides you a festive environment. So take a ride to MELA and step in to experience a lovely and lively time. (UE)

Published : June 14, 2010, ECS

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