Tewa Sanjh with KUTUMBA

Tewa Sanjh with KUTUMBA

In western society, October 31st is marked as Trick or Treat day. But this October 31st, 2009, Saturday, it was a celebration day with a social motive at a place which was the attraction point to many with a musical event for a social cause. It was a NGO which has been there to promote women’s empowerment, the motive of which justifies its name-Tewa i.e. support in Nepali. Addressing to all present there, Mrs. Draupadi Rokaya, chairperson of Tewa informed about Tewa and its activities in a summised form.

More than a decade old this NGO, Tewa, organized “Tewa Sanjh with KUTUMBA” as a fundraising event at its own premise in Dhapakhel, Lalitpur. This event was organized for rural women’s empowerment and for this every individual present their was to support it. As official supporters, there were STATION, MELANGE, HONDA, CIVIL HOMES, and NARCONON NEPAL. The event was in itself of great significance. But what was even greater to look was Tewa Open Air Theatre where the event was held. The theatre was close to the Classical Greek Theatre, also called as Skene with only difference in its size. Such an architect beautified the event more.

On the other hand, the ambience was fabulous with the musical flow by the Nepali folk instrumental ensemble- KUTUMBA. Having been able to soothe the mass many times, Kutumba was once again swaying people with the numbers like Freedom, Farewell from Naulo Bihani, and many more. No age, no race, no class mattered there. All were experiencing the same. In fact, each members of Kutumba band was happy for their dream to perform there came true. They also informed that they were going to Sikkim the very night.

The event ergo, was quite an occasion. All hearts were happy for Tewa’s stand as an encouraging NGO. As said by a school girl namely Prabina Khadka, Tewa has been like an informal institute for them where every Saturday they come for 2 hours. And when she was saying about Tewa, one could see the happiness that Tewa has filled in many other children’s life as in her life.

Established in 1996, situated in Dhapakhel, Lalitpur, Tewa is with such an architecture for which credit goes to an artist turned architect Sarosh Pradhan.  The design goes according with two main factors that make Tewa distinct: Transparency and Sustainability.  Open, inviting, and binding Tewa was honored with “Matribhumi Sewa Samman, 2064”. Tewa’s main goal is to empower women and create sustainable development which is still extant with its branches in 62 districts. (UE)

Published : November 15- December 14, 2009 Issue, ECS

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