PIPAL: The Nature Amiable

PIPAL: The Nature Amiable

Located at a sequestered spot in Gairidhara with a ducky little room, PIPAL is a rather impressive store. Embracing four different sections filled with knitted wears, pottery items, interior decors, and herbal products, PIPAL has been doing a pukka job since last seven months. This store was opened with a motif to spike the natural arts from losing their identity and regain their respect that they purely deserve. And with this motif, five women namely Anu Pant, Shova Raimajhi, Neeru Khatri, Blessie Dhakal- four partners who gave PIPAL its shape, and Chetana Prajapati- promoter of PIPAL came with PIPAL as their great step.

At one event of PIPAL, I got to be a part of it and was smitten with it. I found it not a swanky place, instead rather beautiful built with clay and bamboos. I really appreciated the concept of PIPAL as quoth by Anu Pant that ‘to make a good place, it shouldn’t be grand and expensive. Money is not everything. What counts is the effort, creativity, and doing the best’. And use of paper bags shows the REUSE concept that PIPAL heartily prefers. So, PIPAL is there with perfect blend of nature and natural arts. (UE)

Published : December 2009, ECS

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