Kids’ Fun At The Plaza

Kids’ Fun At The Plaza

Saturday, 19th Dec 2009 was a complete package for fun and elation at SoalteeCrownePlaza. Continuing the tradition of the Plaza, the carnival, as said by the organizer, was placed out for kids on Saturday when Christmas was around the corner. The premise was filled with mirth of all age group people, though the “Billy The Kid Christmas Carnival” is carried out targeting kids. And physically challenged kids being a part of it intensified the beauty of the carnival.

The carnival was there with varieties of fun- filled games like Break the Pyramid, Feed the Teddy, Hit the Target, Thirsty Rings, Get lucky with Seven, Bingo, and many more. Kids were raring to get inside the carnival and were agog to be part of it. Every kid was provided with a gift at the very entrance and a ribbon.  What was the centre of attraction were Face Painting, Horse riding, Passing the Parcel, and a game with balloon tied on the leg to be saved from other participants. And for the lastly mentioned game, kids were formed two groups on the basis of red and blue ribbon. In this game who-so-ever was left at last with the balloon tied on the leg was the winner and was given a prize.

There was free dental checkup section as well that was under the assistance of DENT- INN clinic, Kamaladi. (UE)

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