Children SEE Green

Children SEE Green

Immense magnitude of children of different ages filled the Honda Showroom in Dhobighat on 22nd August 2009 to display their talent in Green Planet Painting Competition carried out by Syakar Company, the authorized distributors of Honda cars and automobiles in Nepal.

Organized under the SEE (Safety, Efficiency, and Environment) philosophy of Honda, more than100 children participated in the competition. As per Mr. Saurabh Jyoti, Director of Jyoti Group, the competition was held to help the children feel their responsibility towards the environment so as to make them aware of environmental change.

The competition was carried out in two different categories: under 10 and 10-15 years of age. In the Best Concept, Prerana Dhakal and Bijen Pradhan kept their place safe. Likewise, in other various categories, Sunaina BK, Rohana Shrestha, Shradha Shrestha, Yuresh Shrestha, Aditya Raj Vaidya and Nabina Maskey were the winners.

The program was fun-filled for parents as well with different activities. (UE)

Published : September 15- October 14, 2009 Issue, ECS

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