Tradition Still On the Move in Hyatt Regency

Tradition Still On the Move in Hyatt Regency

October 16, 2009, Friday, finally succeeding over the heavy traffic of Kathmandu was there my destiny the ‘Hyatt Regency’. Lucky that my arrival was on time. In a while, there was I standing among many chefs gathered in the kitchen with a table set with various ingredients with myself dressed up as a chef as well where it was impossible to be otherwise.

Soon after Mr. Anil Man Gubhaju, Chef de Cuisine, instructed, all resting hands were moving among the ingredients for about 20 minutes. The laughter filled exciting ambience depicted the beauty of the event that we all were part of. This scenario was of nothing but of the Traditional CAKE-MIXING EVENT of the Hyatt Regency with a decade long history in it that is held annually few months before Christmas Eve.

Mr. Gubhaju informed, “The event is for the eve. Ergo, the mixed ingredients will be covered, soaked for flavor, and mixed daily for few minutes. And on the awaited day, the wait shall be over with Pudding, Christmas Cake, Mince pie, Stollen Bread, and varieties of Christmas Cookies ready on the table. Besides, these beauties can be seen on Nov 31 at the Lobby Lounge. And this event is done for marketing, cognizance of chefs of other specializations about the event and moreover for fun”. (UE)

Published : October 15- November 14, 2009 Issue, ECS

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