Himal Steel Nepal Property Expo – 2009

Himal Steel Nepal Property Expo – 2009

After grand success, enrouting from New York to Sydney, First Kathmandu Pvt. Ltd was here in Nepal with Nepal Property Expo- 2009 from Sep 9-11. The expo was carried out in Bhrikuti Mandap in association with Nepal National Weekly and Direction Nepal.

With a stand as the first to organize property expo, First Kathmandu Pvt. Ltd was here to prepare a ground for investment as its fundamental objective. And around 41 different stalls were there to make it a success.

Guna Colony, Shangrila Housing, Kohinoor Hill Housing were great attraction point in the expo. Different companies and banking and financing department were also there in the expo. Besides, the decors, kid’s furniture and physical fitness items intensified the importance and the beauty of the expo.

Huge mass attending the expo showed people’s concern about budget, need and investment. Today where inclination towards apartment has been increasing, this expo had its place safe among all and was a great success. (UE)

Published : November 15- December 14, 2009 Issue, ECS

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