My Nepal Your Nepal

My Nepal Your Nepal

Locals owning restaurants here is something mediocre. But what about some foreigner opening one out here! That would be something amazing perhaps. It makes one to think that why would people from some foreign land come here and live their life when people from here are trying for abroad!!!!!So there we gave a go and met three among such owners.

Rachael Manley is the owner of the Imago- Dei café and gallery located at Gairidhara. It’s been ten years since Rachael has been living in Nepal along with her parents. Scottish by birth, she grew up here. Since she has been here for so long we even asked her how she found Nepal Tourism Year 2011 as.

What’s the reason you opened Imago-Dei here in Nepal?

–  I grew up here and did all high schools here. My parents are here and it’s efficient cost wise opening here rather in UK. You can learn and teach your skills here. From learning point as well you can learn and grow here. It can happen together but in London you get right in the first. For a month or so you cannot survive. I don’t know how it’s like to live in London. There are some negative points of Nepal but still Imago- Dei found better shape here.

What do you think about Nepal Tourism Year 2011?

– I think it’s a fantastic initiative but the timing was bad.

Is the country prepared for it?

-Well, that’s the problem. As far as the ability to promote as a nation, Nepal is not prepared for it.  People say things are not as same as before. Individuals have promoted tourism year but as a nation, may be not so much.

Has any impact seen upon Imago- Dei because of NTY?

– Not from tourist. This place is very much either local Nepali or    . There’s futuristic up here but it’s a little off road. So, no change from tourist.

Walter’s Restaurant and Bar

It was quite interesting talking to Ray who owns Walter’s Restaurant and Bar at Babarmahal Revisited. He used to be in Banking Finance and lived in Russia and England most of his life.

What’s the reason you opened Walter’s Restaurant and Bar here in Nepal?

– I came here with the job in Banking Finance actually. I don’t think I will be leaving Nepal.

What do you think about Nepal Tourism Year 2011?

– The country is in its transition period.

Is the country prepared for it?

–          I don’t think it’s prepared. The airport has been outdated. The government has not been changed. Not every tourist wants to go trekking, rafting or kayaking. Most of the people want to come and see what’s the country all about and at the same time relax and go to sleep. It will actually do worse than better. When people will get back they will say it’s not the place to come as you find no entertainment.

Has any impact seen upon Walter’s Restaurant and Bar because of NTY?

– I don’t feel at the moment. It’s the same this time as last year.

They all might seem to be not in favour of tourism year being held in no good time. But what they all strongly put forward is that their stay in Nepal and intention of spending rest of their lives here definitely gives exemplifies Nepal a suitable and more lovable place to reside.

Published : March 2010, ECS

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