Manisha Koirala lost in W.W.F

Manisha Koirala lost in W.W.F

On 3rd of Baisakh, actress Manisha Koirala inaugurated a showroom and was enamored with its beauty. Located on the fourth floor of the People’s Plaza, Khichapokhari, this showroom, World Wide Fashion (W.W.F), is confoundedly engrossing and spiffy with not only its pink walls, decors like lovely vases but also with the motive it is there with.

W.W.F is there with great panache. It stands there for ladies, esp. of young generation. So here one can find varieties of ladies items and accessories of good quality exported from international markets. Whether it be for jeans, tees or party wear, earrings or necklaces, bags or belts, you can always remember W.W.F. In addition, it also provides night gowns. Price figure is also not that scary that varies depending on the quality, like, Jeans rate from Rs. 900 to even Rs. 2000.

Launched by four sisters Sharmila Shrestha, Shareela Shrestha, Pramila Shrestha and Sadina Shrestha, W.W.F is even concerned with hospitality which is quite impressive.  Proprietor Pramila Shrestha informed that their showroom has been found unique by many. And I found it true by myself. She even added that for their regular and special customers, they provide with a discount card that will give them 25% off at their everytime purchase.

So ladies, it’s really worth to give a visit to shop no. 510 and be a part of it. I believe you will find it unique too. (UE)

Published : May 14, 2010, ECS

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