It has been days, perhaps months that I have written anything particular and here I am still no words. It is another thing that before I could not write because I was occupied with different subject. And now it is that I feel empty. Color walls seem no use to me which once brought me out of every dark days. They simply stand there as the walls to stop others from hearing my pain and sorrow. My voice is no longer there and my eyes see nothing else but darkness. No wonder it was to happen for sure someday. It happened a little early and that’s my fault but I regret no more. Better to live with relief that I ain’t be lying anymore.

However, whatever I possess as a guilt in their eyes are not a crime or so. Today surely things are not good and out of my hand. But one day you will realize I never was wrong. To be positive most of the time, even if it is about the one you hate, is not an easy thing. However, I cannot say how and since when but yes I have changed. You have always supported this change and in fact helped you change your views as well. The greatest of the mistakes which you could have thought to be made by someone, it does not bother you but my true dedication has been a blunder. That surely is an irony that for some you have forgiveness and for some no mercy at all. Those who has harmed you throughout has escaped a clean and easy forgiveness and those who you think are not worthy of your forgiveness are never under your consideration. Life seriously is unexpected that where I stood as a pacifier is now alone as if I have always been a not-ever-good person.

Life is never a piece of cake and that’s why it is full of surprises. As I always agree “Life is not a problem to solved but a mystery to be resolved”. You never know when I shall be reaching my romantic end, not that it will never. I am pretty sure it will one day be there just by my side smiling along-with me, cherishing every moment.

Those dark sides which you mark as dark are probably not there to scare you but to help you reach the bright sides. 🙂

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