The Book of Tomorrow by Cecelia Ahern

The Book of Tomorrow by Cecelia Ahern

First few pages of the story and we get the idea of a rich family being mentioned. Narration by one of the character, in fact the core character of the novel, she gives a general picture of the Byrne family, her family that consists of her with her father and mother. She gives an impression of herself as well being arrogant, spoilt child who prefers being lost in her own world. Why is that, is not clear except a guess of being a child of a wealthy parents. However, the author has so well given everything a right timing to be introduced that the inclination in the story makes one go further reading without a stop. Loss of her father one day who commits suicide, her mother who then after is lost in her grievous life, and she herself muddled between what is happening make the novel go on.

Loss of her father’s life brings loss of everything they possess leading to move to live with Arthur and Rosaleen, the only family if there is anyone beside her father. Not an easy quest it is for the narrator, Tamara Goodwin as she is not used to such a life away from city. However, how one after another Tamara’s life gets one after another new characters introduced, all by herself, and how things get unlocked make it all the more interesting and thrilling. At some point it even feels as if it revolves around ghost and all. Once things give some fizzy feelings like that, one cannot stop reading to find what actually is going on. Stop reading for the night and wait for the sun to rise for a new day is quite impossible. And with all secrets revealed by almost at the end of the novel, wow you go.

Hence, the overall reading was amazingly entertaining. The tragic start, the characters being enlightened and being changed positively with realization of ones’ mistake and finally a romantic ending, all these give novel a sound touch. Everything is turn wise unveiled. Reading gets going unless everything is there infront of our eyes. Loved the reading throughout with every single details mentioned: Loved the choice of characters. What is there is in the book is all one should find by reading. Not even a small thing I am thinking to write here because all I could say is I was left numb with happiness.

Wow, seriously this twist I did not have imagined but made all sense. The work is beautiful by the Bestselling author of P.S. I Love You Cecelia Ahern.

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