Such was the case months back

Such was the case months back

Mom what are you going to make for lunch???

What would you order the most? I bet you momo would top the list. Then fried rice, chowmein would follow it straightaway. Yeah there are others in the list that can’t be escaped. And till few days back I used to eat these in lunch. But now I got down to fruits and biscuits, though biscuits get on my nerve. Well I’m not on a diet as I’m already thin.  It’s because a kind of fear and skepticism has spread all over that nothing seems edible outside home. It’s like ‘Carry your lunch always from home’. And this on the other hand is quite not possible to most and often.

I remember that years back a mouse was found inside samosa.  It had been an issue at that time that took a height. Customers decreased by then in that place. However with time the issue was forgotten and samosa was back in people’s list. But what has been coming infront in recent days has come as a bang: well known gudpak bhandar, other sweet stores, got seized. Where people had been blindly trusting their products all these years, they have been kept in dark and been cheated. Suddenly everywhere foods served are tagged with being impure and unhealthy. Infact they are totally not alright to eat. So it’s like people are muddled what to eat and where to. Moreover they have lost the faith in people. Skeptical all are now about food.

Likewise is a case when one of my relative found a needle in samosa. It was lucky that it didn’t pierce in her mouth. She saw it and took it out. Others asked her to complain but she did not. It just went by as a common thing.

Rumor or news is everywhere about the findings regarding the making of food items. If you think of it, ewww, you will never eat momo or anything that has come under focus. Perhaps people will get sick more not because the item is wrong but of psychological effect. But the time is like that nothing seems adequate to eat. Even there has been news about the jar water. If such, soon we will be facing adequate food scarcity. Then, what’s next???  If everything will get into the same track of cheating, where will we end? Here comes the role of the government as well as of all people.

Like in a sweet store lately getting conscious from the news, the owner made all the staffs clean the whole store esp. the place where they cook and store. Always been the first choice for sweets in my locality, it still is aware that the quality has to be retained: Perfectly a clarification of awareness and alert.


Dated on 5th August, 2012. 

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