Such can also happen then!

Such can also happen then!

How often does it happen that you sit in front from your parents and listen to their stories? Stories they would tell, mostly about fantasy, thriller and even horror. But story of their own, those chapters which they have lived by, hardly they do come. Today I am feeling amazing to be part of my parents story. It is a different thing that my reactions were unexpected as their story was unexpected.

Albeit no such an extreme heat outside with a little heat doing its charm in such cold weather, loadshedding time over yet no light and that means no sudoku for dad, me still feeling to stay in the heat and mom all done with the kitchen chores, it was the perfect time to spend with each other. Then, I don’t know from where that particular topic came, but whenever it did, hours just passed by and still so many memories to put in front. Ein bisschen of my dad’s memories before marriage and most of after marriage. One after another, memories after memories my parents revealed the true story of their life that I laughed at times and most of the time felt sorry for them that life wasn’t easy at all to them and yet my dad says, “it would not have been the same if things were good by then”.

In short, as this is not how I actually prefer to put my parents story yet, the world around them took more from and in return were reluctant to even return what were of my parents’. But the positive side, materialistically they were never favored but earned lot more worthy than that which no one can take from them: their nature and their experience from all those bad things which were the best teachers.

However, just did not feel like ending up here, so want to share a little about how they got married. In detail I shall soon write on it.

My father received a marriage proposal from his relatives. They allocated the time, came to meet and talk about marriage to my grandmother and some other relatives. And unlike today without my father there in that meeting, ok pakka then came at the end. That means my father was getting married. He didn’t accord but didn’t say no as well. As a matter fact he had no intention to get married any soon. But he was going to make himself ready for that big commitment.

Then┬áthe antagonistic approach came from somewhere that someone close to my father not only brought another proposal but brought another girl and her family and already had done the fixing of marriage thing. That someone informed my father about it and told him that they are to be married after 3 days. While marriage was already fixed with someone else, how can my father marry this another girl. But no, it seemed as if he had no option as this other girl was already here with her family to get married. And thus feeling bad that they should return with shame, my father got married. And here they are after 35 years of marriage living together, and we three thinking on this day that what if the first proposal had succeeded! And feeling bad as well because whose proposal was first made and accepted remained unmarried. Why, I don’t know as my parents know neither.

Puzzled and irate I was at the same time. And then came my dad’s words: If my father and my mother did not have met, they would not have got we 5 childrens who are more precious than the wealth he could have got marrying the other girl.

I would say they are perfect for each other. This other girl actually got saved as only my mom can bear my father and my father could bear my mother. So, even if suddenly being married, even if fighting heavily so many times, they ended laughing if there was to be anyone in anyone of their life, they would have already left.

Marriage is certainly not how it happened to my parents, living a married life and keeping it going despite the ups and downs tears and smile is what I believe is a successful marriage.


P.S.: It was my mother’s elder sister who in most way made my father wed my mother. She was my father’s sister-in- law and so one can imagine the dilemma my father was in.






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