BATTLEFIELD- The Ultimate Game

BATTLEFIELD- The Ultimate Game

Often being talked about, Paint Ball really seems colorfully exciting. Bhrikuti Mandap so far has been the Play- point for this. But no more it is the only one. Making a slight change from costumes to weapons, young minds are giving it a titsy-bitsy different yet equally color-filled fun shape at Sanepa entitled Battlefield-The Ultimate Game.


An initiative of Kalpvriskha Pvt. Ltd., it will officially be opened on Aug 4th,2012 Saturday. Giving a further idea of this Paintball Arcade, it is designed on urban warfare theme with factory look, outdoor and exploded buildings and walls. Special branded paintball equipment from Tippman are imported to give the players a feeling of more like a real war scenario. Not only the weapons look amazing but also deliver highest performance and safety. As per the dress, customized dresses will provide full body safety using high end materials like soft shell. As the minds behind this believe Safety comes first.  

So here they are after a lots of hardwork and sweat all prepared to thrill you. Additional to this, they also have restaurant and shower facility such that the customers can enjoy before or after game.  Sounds great which is even greater when played. Why not be there on August 4th at their venue,the building just opposite to CG at Sanepa?


For further information: 

Business Relationship Manager: Prerana Joshi

Marshall/Supervisor: Bom Shrees

Contact no: 9841180879

Email: [email protected]

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