Interview with Saurabh Jyoti for Personality of the Month

Interview with Saurabh Jyoti for Personality of the Month

Failures might be a memorable moment. In fact, failures also are very important part of our experience. It is something that you shouldn’t let bug you down but something that you need to learn from so you don’t repeat the same mistakes.
This is not me saying it but its Saurabh Jyoti’s belief that is speaking. The name Saurabh Jyoti does not need much of answering the ‘Who’ these days. His journey in Jyoti Group had led him to a height that today Jyoti Group and Saurabh Jyoti are synonymous. Decade long experience, hard-work and his intellect is in front of all clarifying He.
Born in the Jyoti family indubitably had a bigger scenario of business in front of him. But with his interest and field of study, he became a part of Jyoti Group. He started his career as an Industrial Engineer and once done with studies, he came back from India and joined the family business. Learning from every mistake and taking firm steps, he made it to where he is today. So to think it is because of Jyoti Group that Saurav Jyoti made it this big in the business will be a blunder. He is what he is today because of him: Director of Jyoti Group, President of Nepal Automobile Dealer Association (NADA), Past President of Nepalese Young Entrepreneurs Forum (NYEF) and many more.

Any peculiar reason for coming in this business?
Once you are born and brought up in a family business environment, automatically you are interested somehow. Ambition becomes similar to your upbringing. Family business generated that interest in me and I continued my education in the same line. So after I finished my study, (it’s not a pressure but as there are responsibilities), I came back and joined it.
You never had anything else as a profession then?
You have so much responsibility, so much work here and of course it is my line of interest. So you rather look after your own work than look for something new.
How do you carry your business as?
Whether you are a CEO or a director, it is always a teamwork. I’m the Director but at the production level, my production supervisor or the person who is running the mill will know more than me. So you should always be open and communicative with them. Better to work with them, get their advice on their area of expertise, implement it and achieve the goal of the company where you are heading.
Any memorable moment?
Personally, I’m more of a family man. So whenever I have time, off work, I spend time with my family and friends. And obviously it was the time when my son and daughter were born that’s quite memorable. Children are always most dear to you and we all cheer the time the most when our kid sare born.
Professionally there have been many.
Your Interest/ Hobbies?
For me my work and my interest are similar. I’m someone who is passionate about cars and motorcycles. And also I’m a gadget freak. So my work is my hobby. All things that I love are what my work is about. My work is something that I am passionate about. Unless you are not passionate about anything you cannot strive for excellence. I love what I do.
So what’s in your gadget list?
Gadgets are like when something new comes it replaces the old. But what I have that is really helpful for me is my phone, my computer. Nowadays it is more of a tablet as everything is on the go. You have all the information on the go. No more you are sitting on the desk and work it. Gadgets fulfill the need. Even my work demands to be updated wherever I am. Latest one I am using is the HTC Flier. Along with it comes entertainment as well as information.
How do you see yourself as?
I feel I’m a very practical person. I’m someone who does all I can to change all I can because lot of things still need to be done. I do not see myself as a successful person yet because I think I have not come so far to judge myself as. Through the years what I have done I have tried to make a change and difference. Not just professionally because I believe your responsibility does not end with your work. It also goes on a larger benefit of society and nation at large.
What do you think an Entrepreneur actually is?
In Nepalese context its sort of means of realizing your dream making money in your own way, on your own term but not being broke enough to look for a job. In Nepalese context this definition is very apt because why I say not being broke enough is because in Nepal it is hard to find seat capital loan. To get an access to the bank is very hard here.
How hard is it managing time?
Managing time depends on the priority. You can allocate your time. You cannot say,”No, I do not have time.”  If something is important, you will make out time for it. But anyways, being involved in so many places, it’s very essential to have good time management at which I am very poor.  I am always mixing up things. So I am trying to improve my time in terms of time management.
Your experience so far?
It was not like I suddenly came in as a Chair person’s son and had a big office. Started off on the field in the factory, started with new projects, had small office where I was looking after only marketing department of Himal. Then I started looking after Philips’ products. Slowly responsibilities increased and now I am looking after Honda cars, motorcycles, power products among other. Since the start, I have always loved working together, knowing the work, taking responsibilities and moving on step by step in the various businesses with staffs who have been here since my grandfather’s time. Experience therefore is amazing and precious.
So what about Vacations:
Generally, I try we have a family holiday. I love to travel within Nepal. Last week we went to Pokhara and I am planning to go to Jomsom. There are so many places within Nepal itself that I have not been to. So I will look forward to go to those places.
What do you prefer wearing?
I’m very comfortable with just jeans, t-shirts. Sometimes you will also see me in the office in that. In Nepal you are the boss you can do anything. (Smiles) But actually professional attire is something more professional. But when its formal occasions, I’m in office, I wear shirt, pants. But my preference is jeans, t-shirts. I hate wearing formal clothes, suits; I feel suffocated. Unless I have to, I am comfortable in casual wear.
Anything you want to change about yourself?
There are lots of things. Like I said I don’t work very efficiently in terms of time management; that, I would like to change. Also I feel I am not able to give enough time to my family because work is not everything. Family life is very important, especially, when kids are growing up.
You in few words:
Generally, I am a very happy person. Whatever I do I am happy about what I am doing in my life.
Lastly, Ride or Drive?
I like ride motorcycles, any motorcycle. I think Nepal is a beautiful country to ride a motorcycle. So my first choice will always be a two- wheeler. I have a motorcycle which is 50cc to 1000cc. each has its own character. I just love riding motorcycle. I have 50cc which is 1965 model. And latest I have CB 1000 R of Honda. It’s just about riding, the freedom that comes while riding a motorcycle. That’s my mode of preference in transportation.

Successful he is, entrepreneur he is and moreover he is an inspiration; An inspiration to all those new young entrepreneurs whose attempt to break the barrier of capital issue of loan that blocks their start of their dream, adds charm to his personality.
(Jyoti Group is on its 50th year this year of Himal Steel which is the oldest mill and also the largest and most modern because it is all totally automated. This marks the half a century long successful journey of Jyoti Group.)

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