Beautiful world beyond that NO

Beautiful world beyond that NO

“Yeah I got it. What about you? No they didn’t give me. Everything was ok but still I don’t know why I got a No.”

Mediocre it is what we get to see at the US Embassy. Some smiling cheered faces while some lowered sad ones. Smiling faces are not what catch my eyes but are the sad ones. One ‘No’ has changes everything they have dreamed of. Confused, tears filled eyes; they don’t know what to do now. Feeling like a failure they get out of that big walled building. Things are no more the same anymore. For a while or for days, mind is blank with no idea what’s next. And seeing children’s this condition parent’s are heartbroken. Nothing shall now be taken back and changed. Things will move on one day or the other. You have new dream and new journey. But again this day shall always be there as one of those unforgettable days.

Despite that, things go on as day comes by. I also moved on. It was surprising as I had everything done as per the requirements. I’m a good student and my certificates proved it. Not so much of fashionable, always been a good student, seeing other friends get visa I believed I would get one as well. But having good grades, good character and a dream to fulfill me and my family’s dream weren’t enough perhaps that things weren’t in my favor. I came with a smile on my face as I was still thinking what went wrong. My sister was rather serious that I didn’t even know she cried that night for me whereas I, on the other hand, had something different approaching my mind.

Something hit me that day and few more days that I came up with something. My sister came to my room and talked to me about the denial. Nonchalance to what has happened I told her that I’m going to study English. Switching from Science, which I was good at, shocked her. But she instantly accepted my new decision. The biggest approval needed was from my parents and to my surprise I was set to do what I have thought of. What would be my parent’s decision didn’t bother me. It was like I knew I had to do that. Though unwilling a little we started to talk about English. Started looking for colleges and then I joined for English. It felt as if I had won the biggest thing ever. I entered into the new world and proved myself. Today harking back to the past makes me realize a new me has been born which is better and lot more literary. Even everybody in family thinks I have something different in me now. And when it’s about English, they make me feel I have earned a lot that whatever it is they ask me and help them with it. Seeing this I could see what I have really achieved.

This is only me. May be many those who got denied have moved on or some have went down and down. This is the custom these days. Applying US Visa, the same scenario of happy and upset countenances, frustrated eyes are still very much in our society. What is the key factor for the selection is not known and yet there is a long line in the US Embassy with hopeful eyes without knowing ‘being a good student’ will not work out all the time.

Yet again, the world besides this is beautiful. What I have developed today: creativity, literary way of thinking and writing, my job as a writer, yearning for all these all the more, all would not have been possible if that day I would have been granted a Visa. Certainly I would not have realized the existence of this wonderland. Ergo, that day came with a blessing on me but still sometimes I get amazed ‘What went wrong?’.




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