What if I had crossed the bridge???

What if I had crossed the bridge???

Somewhere but it was nowhere when I found myself standing there. I looked around all confused. All alone I was, but wasn’t a bit worried. But then there I saw my uncle far away from me. So despite I saw that known face, I started going somewhere else. Suddenly I realized I was feeling amazing. It felt as if…..ah! It’s inexplicable; it was just amazing. Freely I was moving on and nothing seemed to hold me back. The ambience was marvelously composed.

I was like a wanderer: looking for nothing. Unaware about my whereabouts, I was completely away from the so-called earthly matters. What I only knew was that I was happy and my mind and heart was empty. As I went on I started to grow happier. Life never had been so beautiful. Then somewhere there, as I know not where I was, I encountered few tourists; they were asking about a place and shockingly I had an answer to where they wanted to go. After a while, I was leading them to the place. (It was a temple they wanted to go to.)

No exchange of words all along the way; I just swiftly took a lead and I was moving as part of air above the ground. I wasn’t that high but I was slightly above the ground. And surprising, nothing seemed different to anyone: it didn’t feel different to me nor to the tourists. After few moments we reached there and I departed from them. The moment I reached there, I had a strong feeling. My happiness had reached atop and no wonders I didn’t have the answer to Why and I didn’t even want to know why. Simply I was as if it was normal. That’s why nobody had a remark over me.

The temple, pigeons with their tit-bits, the sound of bell, mumbling of people all came in a magical tone to my ear. Never was I so religious that reaching a temple seemed to be the best place ever. As if my soul got where it wanted to be, but still my wandering was not done. That is why I went towards the priest and said something to him. Maybe it was about a place because he was afterwards pointing me towards a bridge. That was the moment when I realized that’s where my feet were trying to take me.  But all the way there I had no single idea where was I heading for. Some different kind of force filled in me. The bridge finally seemed to say to me that it’s a full-stop to my wander. Then after, I stood numb but all the more glowing, facing towards the bridge.

I was enjoying the moment, sensing the freshness, freedom in the air. Before moving any further, my hands reached out for my mobile, which I didn’t know I had before, and dialed a number. The moment the call was received caring not what the person on the other side was saying I was telling my best friend I shall never return. Confused, the reply came when will I be coming back. And smiling I said I shall never be back and bid a goodbye.  I could hear sobbing sound but before any words reached me, before I could do anything, I woke all sweaty.

Sweat wasn’t all that rolled down from my body, I reached out my hand for my eyes and tears were already flowing on my countenance. Moreover, I felt my eyes had swollen up. Scared even more and crying incessantly, I couldn’t sleep after that. What I had dreamed wasn’t in mind later on. It was the time I had that dream.  People believe that morning’s dream come true. Not knowing how to take the dream as, it was shaking me. Still today when I think of that night, I take myself to that situation and think what meaning I should infer from it: was it trying to imply my departure from my best friend or was the bridge a bridge linking earth and heaven.

No wonder it’s a dream and I can’t say what it actually was. However, I wish I had a dream-interpreter in front of me who shall lead me to the mysterious dream and let me find the truth out of it.

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