this(bch) is the garden where every helpless buds can bloom

this(bch) is the garden where every helpless buds can bloom

Saturday, the only day we get as a holiday, a day for ourselves. But this day also I was to go somewhere sacrificing my day to go for shopping. Well, with no second thought I agreed to go to that place. I did not want to be a part of it, oops that is not what I meant to write: I did not want to miss being part of it as after long time my day was going to have a different motive and I was so eager to be there. Wow, where was I heading then?

I went with Navyaata team to celebrate its happiness of 1st anniversary with the kids who are called as orphans not because they are bad but as a result of someone else who thought having them will make their lives burden or may be because of something else. I don’t want to offense on behalf of the kids yet but still the pain and search for their so-called parents make me have rage towards the abandoning souls.

Anyways, I don’t want to talk on these stuffs now. OK, here is what I want to say. We went to the Buddhist Child Home where there were 48 orphans under the guidance of few sisters. Going there was to make their day a different one and bring cheer on their faces. We started with distribution of juice and food, then came the musical chair where everyone played with great enthusiasm and thereafter we distributed clothes to everyone and finally ended with their dance. We even gave prizes not only to the winners but we made sure that no one was with empty hand and upset eyes. And where it was about our anniversary, cake was sure to be present. Thanks to Helena’s for the cake. It was yummy and the kids enjoyed it.

So, in overall, you can see how my day turned out and what it meant not only to me but to everybody. Who would not be happy to bring happiness in those searching eyes and share laughter with them? So people, my shopping day can wait but the feeling I got today was worth it.
Being a part of it, I liked it 🙂

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