“Life That You Gave”

“Life That You Gave”

Nothing is important to a person unless it happens to the person himself. Person thinks only of those things to be of importance that influence his life. Things overturn his life.  Like, if the person has never failed in exams, he would never understand what being failed is and how a person who fails feels. Until and unless he himself does not face things directly, he has no concern to such things at all. But it would be wrong interpretation to think everyone should fail in exams. Failure is there in everyone’s life only the form of exam differs. And if looked upon, it’s ubiquitous.

However, yes, still I say one can better understand anything when it has been experienced. But it does not mean that to understand something you yourself have to experience it. As said Experience is the best teacher. It is what gives you wisdom. A proverb goes as ‘Our wisdom comes from our experience but our experience comes only from our mistake’. But it is misunderstood that experience everything by yourself which is quite not possible. We should learn from experience, not intentionally look to experience so as to learn. One should never forget it as well that One cannot make every mistakes so as to learn in life. To do so would be nothing but a mere nincompoop.  That is where we need to understand that learning directly or indirectly is what is required. We should remember a great say ‘Learn by others mistakes because you won’t live long to make it all by yourself’. This is where society fits into. We live in a society and not an isolated life.

My point is when something you get into touch, you start to feel it with quite closer view. You start thinking it as a part of your life and now every such thing in your ambience catches your sight. Before it came to your concern despite being there in front of you all the time was still not in your sight. But now onward, your eyes shall no longer be a stranger to it. New life without that thing is no more possible. It’s an inseparable life then after.

All above said are simply occurring things in everyone’s life. Being a normal and ordinary human, this simple, ordinary thing is not away from my life as well. In my quotidian life, I go through this phase time and again. Many such things might have happened but few are still hot and fresh which seem to have started shaping my life now.

You must definitely have heard of Shakespeare and his works. It may not be a detailed one but at least the name Shakespeare strikes with something to you as in ‘A playwright’ or as a writer of Romeo and Juliet or in any other way. However, to me now the name Shakespeare is not just a name of some writer of foreign land. Whenever William Shakespeare is talked of I feel so nostalgic and cheered as well. I feel as if I’m meeting my old pal. I remember talking about his great play Othello, its characters and the downfall in the play. A clear picture of the play comes in front of my eyes. I simply get into the play with all my heart. Well, it’s not because I have taken part in the play. Thanks to my Undergraduate level that my Major English course brought me closer to it. I wouldn’t have realized the depth of it without it. Now and then when Shakespeare is being talked of not only this play but his other works, the Shakespearean sonnets, English theaters, all start playing within my mind.

Likewise, there is this man named Sophocles, who also has been a great pal to me. I am grateful to him that he came in my life and has printed a deep image of friendship in my heart and mind.  Many might not know him. People might wonder how to pronounce his name. But I assure you, he is a great guy. His “Oedipus Rex” is a great play – a play of Fate. He simply has highlighted the truth about fate what most of the people believe in his work that ‘Fate cannot be overruled’. It is also one of the experiences I have in my life which is unforgettable. What if I mention Oedipus complex? Feels like heard somewhere? Well yes, it is the very Oedipus complex termed by the Psychologist Sigmund Freud. If you have not been able to understand yet about what it actually is, simply go through what actually happens to the major characters of this play. It will be clear like a crystal.

Really feels great to talk about them again. It does not have a full stop here. I have gained many more companions like Anton Chekhov, Emily Dickinson, William Blake, Lord Byron,…………, and many more. May be if Major English would not have come to my life, I would have gone through many novels but never realizing how to go through it.

Well, now I have some more names of whom only few know of: Names like August Comte. However Karl Marx would not be a new name to many. Heard of Marxism? – The term which have been used by the politicians of our country in recent years a lot. But what it actually is is made you know by Sociology. Terms like society, culture, religion and others are all been defined by great sociologists. And it’s now I know them and their world.

Was all above mentioned possible if B.A wouldn’t have been in my life? – Indubitably not. Life seems to be so much better than ever that I wonder what if they would no longer be a part of me. I can’t even think about it in a dream. Learning, whether through my experience or from others is there at one side; I can’t deny it. But this learning is the most precious one. I can’t afford losing it. Every single moment spend with them are priceless. They have been the best tutor as well as the best friend.

Ergo, with no more delay I want to thank them for being in my life and giving such a wonderful time of ever. So here I am to say ‘You all are the best tutors I ever had. Thank you. Life without you has no true meaning of my life’.

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