Don’t You Know I Can See You?

Don’t You Know I Can See You?

Have you ever thought before doing anything that whether you are being watched or not? Well, an instant reply would be a ‘yes’ esp. when things are done with the purpose of not to be seen. Mind goes for the thing to be done not unless it is sure enough that it’s not being watched out. But what if I change the word ‘ever’ with ‘always’? Now would be a time to not say yes right away. And I conjecture noone shall oppose to it.

Many a times we get careful over things we do. We look for any eyes that have met our attention. Only when you feel it’s safe to be done, there you go for your not-to-be-seen stuff. But despite all these, we may not be as careful as needed. Besides, to be certitude that no single soul is watching you may not be possible. Hardly can you be sure enough. You may not know who from where is watching you. You may feel sure within yourself and just do your things. Certitude in such case is quite hard.

I want to tell you one incident. Everybody knows what a cat is. Oh! What a stupid remark. Well definitely cat is a known word. Anyways, once I saw a cat poop. May be here poop might strike you with you a ‘what?’. To make it precise it’s a cat’s excreta. Ok so where was I? Yeah! I saw a cat from my sister’s home in a nearby house that was under construction. Enjoying the warmth of the sun in that winter day, every single moment was very precious. The house I mentioned was still in a crude state with all necessary stuff there. I was watching the cat very eagerly. Wanted to know what it shall do next because the moment it caught my eyes, it was as if examining the place. I didn’t know what it was upto. Do you know what transpired next?????? Then the next moment I got my answer. It was making itself sure enough that it’s not being watched while it emptied its stomach. It went to the heap of the sand and dug a place to excrete and cover it over.

Before seeing what I saw that instant, I only had heard from my mom that cats do hide their crap. I recalled it’s their nature. Whatever the reason behind it was, only slightly I knew of it.  Anyways, whatever the complex or simple reason might be behind it, it is clearly the nature of the cat to go through such an act. But it was my first time I witnessed it and watching it was amazing- how it dug a place and later hid the poop with sand. It certainly meant something important to the cat.

But the moment it realized I saw what it did, it tried to be normal but couldn’t pretend to be. Slowly went to that spot again and placed more sand over the hidden thing. And when it felt that’s enough perhaps, it went in a casual manner as if nothing has happened. In an instant, it was out of my sight.

After all these, I felt so not fair that I disturbed its privacy. I shouldn’t have broken its certitude. But then I realized what a thing it implied. I realized though it was an animal, it expressed what goes all around us in our human world. Like the cat, we humans feel that we aren’t being watched out. Since noone is seeing us we can do things in a secret way whether it be a good thing or a bad one. We feel mission accomplished when things are done. But this certitude might be a false one like that of a cat. Unaware to the eyes watching the cat, we might be in very same state. It’s not an easy thing to be certain. But if you are a religious man, no wonder believe in God watching everytime wherever you be is lively in you. You may be thoughtful atleast of God watching whatever you do. In that case, you indeed might be more careful than any other. You might prevent yourself from sins.

But this is way serious from what I intend to say here. I simply am saying over simple things that happen in our life, not of people committing any crime. Albeit, that cannot be excluded I agree. Keeping the serious matter at side, let’s be back to the simple mediocre things happening in our quotidian life. No need to go too far towards crime. Common thing is what I refer to here.

Back home, thought of the cat couldn’t leave me easily. I needed an answer to what incredible act I saw. And surely I had only one intelligent amigo ‘the internet’. It was so interesting trying to know about something that hardly we study. Then I came to the part which mentioned that cats show the act of covering their poop, no not covering, in fact it was burying literally, to prevent detection of the poop by their enemies. It further notified that there’s another layer to it, which is that they do it to avoid challenging the dominant cat of the group. There was more about it but then suddenly the chill that went through the cat seemed to be saying- ‘I thought no eyes caught me’. And in reply perhaps it got- ‘Don’t you know I can see you?’. Whatever might have gone through the cat’s head, I can’t be certain myself. But I could feel I was unwanted there.

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